Comic Con Queso- A Fiasco at a Comic Convention

Fiasco is a role-playing game where terrible people, with bad impulse control, make horrible life-choices that result in catastrophe. Every year for Free RPG DAY, 8th Dimension Comics & Games hosts a new original playset. I like this game a lot, and it's fun to find new settings for the fiascos to take place. This playset takes place at Comic-Con, a nerdy annual convention that somehow manages to be both the best and worst place on earth. The days of curmudgeonly old comic book vendors selling back issues out of long boxes are long gone. Now Comic-Con is a week-long international celebration of all things pop culture. Celebrities promote the latest Hollywood blockbuster, cosplayers dress up as obscure anime heroes, and a sea of nerds wait in line for hours just for the privilege of wasting their money. Hundreds of thousands of fans descend upon the convention center, indulging in their nerdiest fantasies. Prices are inflated, scams are run, and chaos ensues. Link to PDF