Super Starship Odyssey 5- Episode 1

Episode 1- The Odyssey Begins

Session One was a series of vignettes that introduced the main characters of the game.

1.       Popcorn Sutton is a grizzled old veteran with a giant flat-top, retired from the military after the disastrous Battle of Manilla. He's at the lunch counter of his greasy diner, serving Global Defense pilots from the SSSO that are gossiping about the weird child genius aboard the ship. According to the soldiers, the kid has built some crazy kind of ship that interfaces with its pilot in impossible ways. Apparently less than 1% of 1% of the population are deemed capable of piloting these Mecha. There are currently three teams of five members each in training, and one team already graduated to military service. With this exposition in place, the smug and cocky members of Team Supernova strut into Popcorn’s place and immediately start trouble with regular the pilot customers. Popcorn doesn't want any trouble in his place, .so now he has to physically break up a fight.

2.       Child genius Naota Ikaruga  is in his lab, working on gestalt algorithms when a proximity alarm goes off. The Interstellar Sonar detects a massive blip suddenly appear just outside the gravity well of Jupiter, and it’s on a direct course. Whatever it is, it’s a gravity distortion bigger than that of a planet.

3.       Sara Sirus is doing load-out for her band at a crappy seaside bar. There were only a handful of fans in attendance, and she failed to make her downside guarantee. Not only did she not make any money, she owes the bar owner $60.00 (which she doesn’t have). She has to sneak out with her tail between her legs while her former band is playing a sold-out show down the street. The line to see Can Opener is literally down the block. Can Opener fans dress like Juggalos, and hate robots passionately. The sea is eerily still, and there are no animals to be seen. Her Android boyfriend Stanley is with her as they have to navigate anti-Clanger robot racists in line.

4.      Human-Bird hybrid Flynn Mann crouches in the shadows by a chain-link fence. On the other side is a cluster of concrete and steel government buildings. His impossibly sharp eyes see a pair of silhouetted figures coming. They’re a married couple that he knows well, Angela & Devlin Hart, scientists who worked on the ANIMAN Project and helped him escape from the lab that created him. They have big news to pass on. Their new project leader Dr. Takeshi Tsurudo is intensely jealous of the child prodigy Naota Ikaruga’ s success, and wants to show him up. He hates and fears the alien technology that the Global Defense league is utilizing, and wants to rely exclusively on Terran innovations. He has instructed them to resume the ANIMAN project. Now that he has gained official funding, they are to begin cross-breeding immediately. They pass off a copy of Tsurudo’s files to Flynn Mann. A huge thunderstorm begins.

5.       Troubled former child-soldier Avinaaq hides  in an alley during the rain, keeping a close eye on a man in a military uniform. He has orders to watch this man, suspected of industrial espionage, pass on stolen data from the Global Defense lab. His superiors want to know who he’s selling it to, so it’s vital that he stay alive until the intelligence is extracted. A sniper shot takes out his mark, immediately after the exchange is made. By the time Avinaaq makes it to the body, the data stick is missing and there’s a note that reads “Better luck next time! Eskimos kisses, Irena” His lover/rival has killed his mark and invoked the storm to escape. Avinaaq has a painful flashback that reminds him of his days as a child soldier, when Irena murdered his parents in front of him and took him as her unwilling murder-protégé.