Super Starship Odyssey 5- Episode 2

Episode 2- The Storm of the Century

1.       A huge tsunami hits the island, causing massive storms and flooding.

2.       Naota Ikaruga receives orders to scramble Super Star Ship Odyssey Squadron. They are the first team trained on his Man/Machine interface to pilot the living metal Mecha, and they fly the only fully developed prototypes. The Squadron's Mecha are generic and clunky. Each ship is based upon its pilot's Astrological sign, but lack the personality and design innovation that the later teams will have. Their mission is to investigate the massing force and report back to the Global Defense League. There are three other teams, but they have just begun their training and have not even been bonded to Mecha yet.

Odyssey Squadron 1

(Ares-Dolph Fennix, Capricorn-Hotshot Hilton, Leo- Primo Castenda, Virgo- Princess Storm, Sagittarius- Crash Kirby)

The bridge loses all contact with the Odyssey Squadron some place between Mars and Jupiter. Crash Kirby survived, but crash lands back on Earth somewhere in the Indian Ocean. His Mecha is destroyed, and he’s critically injured. Recovery will be difficult due to the apparently planet-wide storm. Naota is traumatized by ordering men to their death. These won’t be the last. A rescue team is dispatched, but it will take them hours to salvage him.

3.       Popcorn Sutton survived the worst that the Battle of Manila had to offer, so with an exasperated sigh he begins to protect the survivors. His walk-in freezer is the safest place within blocks. The crusty veteran recognizes that Avinaaq clearly has a military background too, so he recruits the young Inuit to help protect the panicking civilians. Avinaaq is very awkward about it, pointing out ways that they could cull the herd of panicking civilians and be more effective at crowd control.

4.       Bodhi and his friends are determined to surf this Killer Wave, brah! Sara Sirius is nearby as massive areas of the big island are totally submerged by the flooding. The good-hearted rocker has Stanley open up the sliding door to her van and she forces the surfers to abandon their suicidal plans. Bodhi and the rest of his team pile into the van. Jimmy “Gonzo” Wong becomes nauseous as the van lurches and swerves through the storm, and pukes into her portable amplifier.

5.       A red-alert alarm sounds on the Super Star Ship Odyssey.  Naota Ikaruga’ s mother, the chief science officer for the United Nations of Earth, orders him out of his lab and to report to the iron-clad safety of Sub-Basement AA-23. He attempts to argue that his science skills are needed, but she’s having none of it. Unbeknownst to his mother, Naota has built a secret pneumatic tube that leads from his bedroom to his back-up lab. Sneaking away from his over-protective parent, the young scientist frantically resumes his work.

6.       Crash Kirby manages to radio in, and describes the horrible space monsters to Naota.

7.       The sun is eclipsed by a massive space armada, and the sky fills with flying tentacled green creatures with pulsating brains on the outside of their heads. These horrifying monsters are literally ripping people apart, or feeding their numerous beaked mouths.

8.       Flynn Mann spreads his wings and flies into the air to better see what is happening, and quickly catches the attention of one of the flying alien squids. Evasively maneuvering, he takes a hit, loses control and freefalls. The half-bird hybrid crashes through the windshield of Sarah’s van with a bewildered “Scraw?” In the ensuing wreck, Stanley the robot boyfriend is hurled through a billboard for the band Can Opener.