Super Starship Odyssey 5- Episode 4

Episode 4- Second Skin

1.       The hotshot pilots of Team Supernova are launched into outer space to establish a safe perimeter around earth. The laid back surfers of Team Megalodon are scrambled next, followed by the gruff veterans of Team Ironsides. Popcorn Sutton grumbles when he sees them. They have a history.

2.       Naota Ikaruga takes his new team deep inside the SSS Odyssey to the Mecha lab. He gives a very brief synopsis of what the bonding process will consist of, too excited to truly prepare the others. Everyone climbs into what looks like giant torpedo tubes, which close them into pitch darkness. A nozzle pumps their chamber with knockout gasses that will prevent them from being conscious during the horrific trauma that is following. It works on everyone except Avinaaq, who is aware of every horrible, invasive, and painful moment of the Mech-bonding process. Needles inject strange chemicals into the eyes, brainstem, and various internal organs. While screaming in pain, Avinaaq’s tube begins to fill with a mercurial alien metal. He kicks and thrashes helplessly as he drowns in the unearthly alloy. Not only does he gain serious psychological scarring, he also loses an eye.

3.       The molten metal cools quickly, morphing their shapes into forms subconsciously dictated by the astrological signs of the pilots that they are bonded to. Naota is a Scorpio, with a stinger on his arm. His Mech is designed to perform attacks based on complex computer programs instead of copying and enhancing the pilot’s physical abilities. Avinaaq is a Leo, with a humanoid one-eyed lion and a mane made of swords. Popcorn is an Ares, and his Mech is a very simple rocket with a battering ram head. Flynn Mann is a Libra, and his Mech is a physical representation of the balance between his human and bird halves. It’s sleek and super-fast. Sara is a Cancer, and her humanoid Mech has an armored crab shell on her back and she carries a giant axe that can turn into either a gun or a guitar.

4.       There’s no real time for the months of training necessary. Naota warns them that if their Mech is damaged too badly, the bio-feedback loop could kill them, cripple them, or drive them insane. Avinaaq is already furious at the boy scientist, and has to be physically restrained from violence.

5.       Naota’s mother arrives, furious that her son has disobeyed her orders to hide in the bunker, but acknowledges that it’s too late for that now. She tells him that she and his father will be monitoring him from the bridge, now the whole planet is depending on him.

6.       The team hear from over their space radios that the enemies are nearly to Earth, so they blast off to join in the defense.