Super Starship Odyssey 5- Episode 5

Episode 5- Is THIS…war?

1.       The Global Defense League have launched hundreds of short-range One-man flying saucers to help, but they are outclassed by the larger alien fleet.

2.       Hundreds of earth ships, large and small, are attempting to flee as the combat begins, many of them being mercilessly cut to ribbons. Sara tried to lead enemy “Space Squids” away from the refugees, flying in an evasive serpentine motion. The glory hogs in team Supernova flew around, dogfighting the alien menace. It was terrible strategy, but they were all such skilled pilots that it actually seemed to help hold back the overwhelming enemy numbers. Popcorn argued over the space radio with team Ironsides, who had taken up a protective circle in orbit above the SSS Odyssey. Team Megalodon was busy protecting as many civilians as possible. At one point, they combined their robots into a single gestalt form that was a giant shark-headed man on a surfboard.

3.       Every time that Naota attempted to do something “cool” in combat, the other members of the team would steal his thunder. He quickly learned that this wasn’t one of his video games, as he saw dozens of Earth ships get blasted to smithereens.

4.       Sara is a pacifist, but she tried to do her best in spite of being overwhelmed by combat. Flynn Mann enjoyed showing off, out maneuvering his opponents, while Avinaaq went kill crazy, announcing that he was “The Einstein of Murder.” At one point Popcorn managed to impale three space squids on his arm like a kabob.

5.       After a called shot to the head by Flynn Mann left one of the space squids brain-dead, Naota claimed its body for research purposes.

6.       A massive worm-like ship slithered through space during the combat, but none of the Earth’s defenders were able to break away from their individual battles to deal with it. The Planet Killer telescoped all of its mass to one giant pseudopod, then quickly flowed in the opposite direction, striking the moon like a pool cue. The moon shattered into millions of pieces, all hurtling towards the Earth in a deadly barrage.