Super Starship Odyssey 5- Episode 6

Episode 6- When the moon hits your eye…
1.    The teams turn their attention to deflecting as much of the asteroid barrage as they can. Flynn Mann lasers one massive moon rock in half to save a single family in a life-pod, but the two halves hurtle on to collide with other ships. The birdman is wracked with guilt over inadvertently killing people, but decides to focus on continuing to protect this family. Maybe they can become HIS family now.
2.    Sarah deflects a giant kidney-bean shaped rock that is the size of Texas as it hurtles towards Earth. Suddenly she sees another Mech of a clear alien design. Made of Gold and Red metals, it looks like an Earth Monkey. The Monkey jumps on the back of her Mech and begins to shred it with razor-sharp talons. Panicking, Sarah ejects from her robot, only to land back on the kidney bean. Since Sara is no longer attached to her Mecha, she takes no damage from its destruction.  Alone and unarmed on the giant asteroid, Sara calls for Popcorn to come and save her.
3.    Flynn Mann had a brief dogfight with an alien Mecha in the shape of a robotic Ox. Naota helps him set up a massive EMP to hobble the enemy, setting it up for a coup de grace. 
4.    Popcorn is on his way to help Sara when he is ambushed by an alien Mecha in the shape of a giant robotic rooster. It collides with the back of Popcorn’s rocket, tearing through his tough armor like it was tinfoil. The two machines crash onto the kidney bean-shaped asteroid, leaving a huge crater. Popcorn almost blacks out from the pain of the biofeedback, but mans up and unbuckles himself. He runs to the back of his rocket, where the Rooster Mecha’s head continues to thrash about and do damage. Making a fist, he punches through the machine’s exposed eye. Burying his arm up to the shoulder socket, Popcorn grabs a bunch of important looking wires and circuits and rips them out. The alien Mecha stops moving, and visibly depowers.
5.    Sarah drags Popcorn out of the remains of his Mech. A nearby Flynn Mann swoops in and rescues his teammates just before the nuclear power source of Popcorn’s Mech explodes.
6.    The Super Star Ship Odyssey has taken on as many refugees as they were able, and now lifts off from the Earth’s orbit. It is a majestic gold sphere with laser cannons the size of skyscrapers. The SSS Odyssey powers up its main gun, and with a single shot decimates the alien armada. 
7.    Thanks to the work of all of the teams and the flying saucer pilots, the bulk of the moon rocks were deflected or destroyed before they could impact the Earth. The heroes managed to kill all of the space squids, except for the one that Naota kept for experimentation. The remaining alien ships turned tail and fled out of the solar system, faster than they could be pursued.
8.    Naota talks Avinaaq into turning his murder-rage at the Planet Killer, and they combine forces to perform a lethal combo attack. This bonds them, and they immediately become best friends forever. The two of young pilots ride the corpse of the Planet Killer through the atmosphere, crashing it into the Pacific Ocean. Unbeknownst to them, the alien is venting a massively lethal radiation that contaminates the planet.
9.    In the aftermath of the Battle of the Moon, news reports begin to come in. The strange radiation from the Planet Killer is thought to be from a rare alien element that does not appear on our Periodic Table. If the Earth is to be spared a lingering death from poisoning, that element must be found and studied. In the meantime the Earth, devastated by the storm and the loss of the moon, is under a strict quarantine and blockade. Naota Ikaruga is blamed directly by much of the Earth’s population for their death sentence. The fleet of Earth ships that fled during the battle would not be allowed to return, even if they wanted to. Many of them are demanding to board the SSS Odyssey for safety, while others think that humanity needs to flee Earth and set up a new colony before the Aliens return. The commander of the SSS Odyssey, Admiral Jonas Newton is making plans to pursue the aliens, and end their threat once and for all.  Our heroes are in way over their heads.