Super Starship Odyssey 5- Episode 7

Episode 7- Life continues

1.       Flynn Mann grabs ahold of the life pod in his Mecha’s talons and brings them into the safety of the SSS Odyssey, against the express orders of the bridge. They’re a multi-cultural group that Flynn Mann christens Mustache Dad, Afro Mom, and Data son. Sara manages to talk down the Chief Engineer, convincing him to allow the small family of refugees to come aboard. The Johnsons are more than a little scared of Flynn Mann and his matter of fact claims that they’re HIS family now, but they’re happy for the protection.

2.       The team briefly argues over needing a name. Sara is afraid that somebody else will give them a lame one if they don’t pick one ASAP.

3.       Since the team was rushed through their “training,” they never filled out any of the mountains of paperwork the government needs from them. That’s good news for Avinaaq and Flynn Mann, both of whom are off the grid and don’t technically exist. Now they need to become registered for their official ID cards, and they’re not happy. Luckily it will soon become very easy for people to disappear aboard the SSS Odyssey.

4.       Sara reminds Naota that when she joined his team, he promised to jailbreak Stanley and remove his obsolescence chip. Naota promises he’ll fix her robot boyfriend as soon as he gets off suspension.

5.       Naota is grounded for causing the genocide of Earth. He complains to his mother that he needs to get in his “garage” and start repairing his team’s Mecha, but his whining falls upon deaf ears.

6.       Avinaaq karate chops Sophie, knocking her unconscious, and takes her with him to report back to his handler. Located in a private office that isn’t on any official map of the ship, the cigar-chomping eye-patched Mr. Smith debriefs his asset. The former child soldier asks if there has been any sign of Irena. He doesn’t believe that something as minor as the destruction of the Earth could harm her. His handler has no information about her, but will keep an ear to the ground. Mr. Smith gives Avinaaq a black key-card that can access any system aboard the ship without a trace.  Once Sophie awakens, Avinaaq tells her that her training has begun. If she earns it, she’ll be allowed to eat in three days.

7.       Popcorn gathers the rest of the team, with Naota remoting in on his radio, and they have a quick meeting. The grizzled veteran is concerned about their current situation. There are clear factions that have formed in the wake of the Battle of the Moon with the irradiated people of Earth, the refugees trapped in their spaceships, and the military aboard the Super Starship Odyssey. He fears that the different teams of Celestial Knights might be recruited as pawns, and they need to get out in front of any manipulation. Sara and Flynn Mann will go speak to Team Megalodon, Avinaaq will take Sophie to question Team Supernova, and Popcorn volunteers to speak with Team Ironsides. Naota is instructed to plot a course to pursue the alien fleet, and he is able to track them to Zephyr Nebula.

8.       The laidback surfers of Team Megalodon lounge at a swimming pool and eat pizza. They are oblivious to anyone trying to manipulate them. Sara convinces them that they have to work together to save everybody. Bodhi agrees, because we are “all one under mother Gaia.” Meanwhile Flynn Mann proves unable to tell robots apart, thinking that all AI are Stanley, whether they’re androids or just talking toasters. He also realizes that he needs money to provide for his family, so he asks the clearly stoned surfers if they have any cash. Gonzo passes his wallet off to the bird-man, and Flynn Mann pockets $871.00.

9.       Team Supernova is celebrating their victory at the officer’s club. Avinaaq sends Sophie to pump them for information. She picks the nicest and most approachable member, one of the twin Gemini sisters named Astra. Sophie is able to discern that Team Supernova had not been contacted by anybody yet, and convince them to help work towards saving as the refugees.  Sophie tries to escape Avinaaq, begging Astra to save her from the scary man, but the Einstein of Murder was prepared. Picking a creepy-looking patsy from the crowd in the officer’s club, he runs up to Sophie and plays the role of concerned parent. Astra and the rest of her team are sicked on the creepy guy, and they beat him to a bloody pulp.

10.   Popcorn lied about meeting with Team Ironsides, and instead forces his way into Admiral Newton’s quarters. The two of them have a history, going back to when Newton was a raw recruit during the Battle of Manila. When Newton claims that they are at full capacity for passengers, but Popcorn doesn’t think that’s the case. The refugees have at best three more days of life support before they start dying en masse, and they must be evacuated. With the Earth poisoned, their only hope is aboard the SSS Odyssey. Popcorn browbeats his former subordinate, making oblique references to a horrific event in their shared past and calling into question his devotion to his duty.  Admiral Newton shouts that he DID his duty, to which Popcorn dryly replies, "It sure is easy to DO your duty when there aren't bullets flying at you."  Popcorn wins the battle of wills and makes the Admiral agree to jettison whatever military armaments that they must to make room for survivors. A shanty town quickly grows in Starlight Park, nicknamed Newton Town or New-Town, cramming 1.5 million more people aboard the ship.

11.   French Captain Ezekiel Lang of the Starship Bastille, the leader of the European Fleet, makes it clear that he thinks the survivors aboard the SSS Odyssey need to cut their losses and abandon Earth. His suggestion is to terraform Mars and make a new colony. Many of the refugees agree.

12.   Johnny Bluejeans announces a unity concert in outer space, equal distant from Earth and the SSS Odyssey. Sara decided that this is the perfect gig to debut her new masked superstar, Lady Violet and the Starlight Crusaders. She plans to perform live the day before Johnny Bluejeans, and get his attention. To that end, she dons her butterfly mask and wig and calls Naota to arrange for him to hack Johnny Bluejean’s personal feed and show him her performance. Though she is attempting to maintain her secret identity, it never occurs to Sara not to use her personal com channel. She also slips up when she refers to her drummer as her “robot boyfriend,” but the crater-raised teenager is too overwhelmed by a beautiful rock star calling him on the phone to notice.

13.   Sophie selects her first knife from a murder kit presented by Avinaaq. It’s a rainbow colored butterfly knife, and she shows a fast aptitude for it. Avinaaq tells her that if she spends the next 3 days practicing her knife skills, she’ll be allowed to go to the Johnny Bluejeans concert. Sophie is studious in her training, but does briefly sneak away to steal a fancy French dress from Captain Lang’s crew. Impressed by the fact that she didn’t get caught, but a little disappointed that she didn’t kill anybody, Avinaaq allows his protégé to have dinner.

14.   Popcorn abandons the for-cash business model and reopens his Scrapple stand as a free lunch counter. Sara is working the counter, training to be a manager, and Stanley is the dishwasher. Flynn Mann opens a private investigation business to better provide for his new family.