Super Starship Odyssey 5- Episode 8

Episode 8- Johnny Bluejeans is missing!

1.       Popcorn Sutton redesigned his Aries Mecha from the ground up, and now pilots a humanoid-looking giant robot with a battering ram for a right hand. Sara Sirus went the other direction, wanting more armor and protection than she previously had. As a result, her new Cancer Mecha looks like a giant robot crab, though one of her claws is still a guitar. Sophie quietly doodles her dream Mecha, hoping that when she finally gets her own flying robot it will leave bubbles and rainbow exhaust. In the meantime, she will ride as a passenger inside Avinaaq’s robot.

2.       Naota Ikaruga is still grounded and under house arrest for his role in the destruction of Earth. Spaceman Jack, (oooooh yeah baby, HAVE MERCY!) the popular radio disc jockey on W.O.D.C.-Odyssey Radio interrupts his countdown of the top 500 Johnny Bluejeans recordings at #217 “Ripped Underwear” with a news update. The Earth media have begun calling Ikaruga (ARUUUUUUUGA! ARUUUUUUUGA! ARUUUUUUUGA! ) and his friends the “Genocide Gang,” though they prefer to claim that the G.G. Initials actually mean “The Good Guys.” A meeting of the surviving leaders of Earth and the Super Starship Odyssey has been scheduled where it will be decided what to do with the child prodigy. The Global Defense League refuses to give him up, seeing his brain as a military asset. General Hawk Bradley of Texas says that they should retaliate and strike against Earth before they have a chance to make war on them. Most of the council sees this as crazy talk, but there will be some supporters. Naota’s over-protective mother is deeply panicked about this situation, but he does his best to calm her. He’s the universe’s leading expert in this mysterious alien technology. He’s humanity’s only hope for salvation.

3.       Outside the SSS Odyssey is a floating swarm of space jump, much of it Military Hardware hastily jettisoned to make room for the refugees of Newtown or of alien design. Rumor has it that black marketers have been scrounging from the “Sargasso” and selling to people aboard the SSS. All Celestial Knights have been instructed to stop the black marketers, recover anything of value, and bring them into custody to face trial. Naota is remotely piloting his Mecha from his bedroom since he is grounded. Technically he’s disobeying his mother to even do this, but he knows that the team needs him.

4.       The Genocide Gang (or Good Guys, depending on whom you ask) relieve Team Megalodon from their patrol, but tensions are high. Popcorn asks if they detected anything out of the ordinary, and learns that there is a dead spot where they couldn’t detect anything. The veteran military man remembered when the People’s Army used a similar tactic during the Battle of Singapore, using jammers to hide from sensors. He believes that the dead zone hides the location of black marketers.

5.       Gonzo forgets to turn down his boom box when he radios the other team with the debriefing, causing painfully loud feedback on the audio channel. Flynn Mann mistakenly thinks that it was Bodhi, and that the laid-back surfer had caused the noise intentionally. Misreading the situation, and lashing out territorially, Flynn Mann threatened to shoot Bodhi in the face and went in for the attack. Sara and Naota try to defuse the situation as best as they can. Naota locks a Fujiwara arm-bar on Flynn Man’s Mecha and Sara calms down the fight before it can escalate with diplomacy. Bodhi regains his calm by centering his chi into his ivory spiritual tower.

6.       Popcorn Sutton, Avinaaq, & his unauthorized companion Sophie are focused on their actual mission, and pilot their ships into the Sargasso. Sophie’s keen vision notices something weird.

There is a small black Earth ship docked against a derelict alien squid craft. The Squid craft’s bioluminescence flickers dimly, showing that there is some life still aboard. As they fly closer to investigate, they are ambushed by another black marketer ship.

a.       The Genocide Gang survive the initial salvos, and begin to retaliate. Avinaaq performs his area of effect attack, shooting off all of the blades in his sword-mane to strike indiscriminately. Even firing blind, he managed to impale the black marketer ship multiple times. Sophie looked though the single eye view-screen and zeroed in on the enemy location.

b.      Sophie pushed buttons in Avinaaq’s cockpit almost at random. The little girl managed to scan the docked ship and found it to be devoid of life forms. A dozen life forms were revealed to be aboard the ambushing vessel, and an undetermined amount aboard the alien ship. Popcorn Sutton used the unbelievable strength of his Aries Mecha to rip the black marketer ship off of the side of the squid craft. Doing so broke the enviro-seal, and began venting atmosphere into the darkness of space. Popcorn hurled the empty ship like a javelin at the attacking enemy.

c.       Flynn Mann, Naota, and Sara Sirus have now caught up with the rest of the Genocide Gang (or Good Guys) and join in the fight. The black marketers attempt to flee, but are headed off by the team. Sara talks the criminals into standing down, and then begins questioning them. They confirm that they had been robbing the alien squid ship. They had lost contact with their boarding party right before the Gang arrived on the scene. Flynn Mann hits the enemy ship with an electromagnetic pulse, shutting it down.

d.      Popcorn Sutton began to peel open the alien ship from outside, exposing whatever was aboard to the harsh vacuum of space. After puncturing an interior chamber, they discover the corpses of the black marketers, desiccated and mummified, the glass of their space helmets cracked and broken. All of the dried-out husks share a killing wound to the forehead. Breaking open another chamber, Popcorn found a live figure, and grabbed it inside a powerful robot fist. The black marketer has been taken over by some strange Alien Bio-mechanics. His face is now a writhing mass of worm-like tentacles, and he has spontaneous starfish-like regeneration. Mindless, his only need now is to feed, by sucking out cerebral spinal fluid from his victims. The nametag on his jumpsuit says, “Cody.”

e.      Avinaaq decides that this chaos is above his paygrade, and suggest that they radio back to the Super Starship Odyssey for orders. Sophie takes it upon herself to do so, identifying herself as Space Kitty-Cat to the confused ship’s bridge. She says, “I’m in the Lion Mecha with knives for hair and we found some guys. I’m eight years old, over?” Avinaaq attempted to claim that she was a stowaway, but for once his lies failed him. The former child soldier gets into serious trouble for letting an unauthorized minor aboard his Mecha, but argues that they were never actually trained, so nobody ever told him NOT to let an unauthorized minor aboard his Mecha. The Odyssey bridge commands him to return for disciplinary action, but those orders quickly become moot.

f.        After looking the worm-faced horror over, Popcorn splatters it dead against his Mecha’s forehead like a beer can. The authorities aboard the Super Star Ship Odyssey tell them that they have been exposed to possible alien pathogens and to await a decontamination team. Popcorn claims it’s unnecessary saying, “Look, I may not know science…” and flies his Mecha into the upper atmosphere of Earth to burn off any possible alien germs.

g.       Sophie is super adorable, and manages to talk Avinaaq out of any possible trouble.

7.       Flynn Mann sits in his new PI office with the terrified people he declared to be his “family.” The sign above his door reads, “Privates Investigator.” Afro Mom serves him coffee and Data Son sits on the floor stuffing envelopes, when a beautiful dame walks in smoking a long cigarette and wearing a wide-brimmed hat. Before the femme fatale could introduce herself, Flynn Mann referred to her as “Gams.” He then says, “Nice Gams there lady.” He then narrated out loud, “She had nice gams. It was like she was all gams, with no breasts. Just legs and a face. One dollar please.” The lady was bewildered by the bird-man, and started to walk out of his office until Flynn Mann loudly announced “ALLRIGHT, I’ll take the case! I would like my dollar please.” The mysterious woman confesses to the private investigator that she’s secretly dating Johnny Bluejeans. They have to keep their relationship on the down low so as to not break the heart of his legions of fans, but she’s scared he’s in danger. This outer space unity concert tomorrow has brought out all the crazies. She hands Flynn Mann an envelope. Inside is a note reading “YOU SING, YOU DIE!” pieced together out of magazine clippings. He tells her to leave so he can “CSI this thang” and gets to work on his investigation.

8.       Sara Sirus is ready to catch the attention of Johnny Bluejeans with her guerilla performance in Starlight Park. She and Stanley both sneak away from work at Popcorn Sutton’s Scrapple Shack and don their new costumes. Stanley wears a tuxedo and domino mask, with a rose clutched between his teeth. Sara wears a rose jacket, groovy bellbottoms, and a purple butterfly mask. Once again she calls Naota on her own communicator, and once again the star struck child prodigy fails to notice that he knows her civilian identity. Lady Violet double-checked that he was ready to hack Johnny Bluejeans personal feed, and then takes the gazeebo stage thinking to herself, “They must never know my secret identity.”

9.       Lady Violet & the Starlight Crusaders sing about peace and love, impressing everybody with her heartfelt performance. Popcorn Sutton, Avinaaq, Sophie, and their other friends have no idea who the mysterious lady really is.

10.   Naota has successfully hacked into Johnny Bluejeans personal feed, and dances in his chair to Lady Violet’s performance. Then, out of the corner of his eye he notices on his monitor that Johnny Bluejeans’ quarters are trashed. His room has been torn apart, and a pile of broken records burn in the middle of the floor. Naota instantly sends a call out to the rest of his team. Sara notices her phone ringing, but ignores it. She’s in the middle of the performance of her lifetime, and she wants to make sure that Johnny Bluejeans is getting a great show.