Super Starship Odyssey 5- Episode 3

Episode 3- Join the Team

1.       Sarah spots that Flynn Mann is clearly a bird-man, but agrees to keep his secret. Some of Bodhi’s group of stoned surfers nearly notice too, but they’re convinced that they’re just hallucinating.

2.       Avinaaq mercy-kills a family who is trapped in their car by rising waters, thinking to himself that they’re better off dead. He briefly envies the dead.

3.       As the roof is torn off of his walk-in freezer, Popcorn attempts to save as many civilians as possible by making a human chain. They successfully save dozens, but dozens more get swept away in the flood waters. A little girl shocks Avinaaq by successfully sneaking up on him and hugging him thanks for saving her. He’s impressed by her skills, and after a moment’s thought, he decides to NOT kill her.

4.       Naota Ikaruga is ordered to rush the remaining three teams into the field. The young scientist has done the math in his head, and knows that they will be outnumbered. Also, none of the new pilots are as prepared for Mech combat as he is.  Naota desperately wants to join in the upcoming battle. He would need to scramble an entire team to assist him though. Luckily Ikaruga has created a scanner that can locate other Actives capable of psychically interfacing with the alien technology.

5.       As the storm worsens, Avinaaq is thrust into protecting innocents, a role he has never experienced before. The winds are strong enough that people are literally being blown away. Popcorn leads a human chain, but the little girl who had earlier snuck up on Avinaaq loses her grip. Blown away by the storm, the little girl splashes into the flood waters.

6.       Almost on a whim, Avinaaq shoots down a Can Opener billboard, and the child almost manages to reach it before submerging in the storm waters. He pays little attention to the kicking robot’s legs that stick out of one side. Stanley recovers the little girl’s body, but he is unable to perform CPR since he is a robot and doesn’t breathe. Bodhi and his surfer friends are trained lifeguards, so they’re able to revive her. Impressed by her tenacity, Avinaaq decides that she has earned the right to live. He might even take her on as a protégé.

7.       The storm utterly destroys Popcorn’s joint and a large portion of the town of Yorba. Countless displaced citizens are desperate to take shelter, but the only apparently safe location is the military base/inside the SSS Odyssey. The Global Defense League dispatches robots to run search and rescue efforts, bringing in as many survivors as possible. There is massive panic worldwide. Sarah, Stanley, Popcorn, Avinaaq, Flynn Mann, the surfers, and the rest of the surviving civilians are loaded into a flatbed truck and driven to the SSSS Odyssey.

8.       On the bridge of the SSS Odyssey, Admiral Jonas Newton instructs his men to prepare to lift-off, in spite of the fact that the massive ship hasn’t moved under its own power since it crash landed on Earth 10 years ago. They begin the arduous process of powering up the ship as thousands of refugees from both the planet-wide storm and the alien attacks seek refuge aboard.

9.       The survivors have all gathered in Starlight Park aboard the SSS Odyssey when Bodhi and his friend’s watches begin to beep. The laidback surfers let the others know that they are actually a crack team of Mech Pilots, codenamed Team Megalodon, and they’re being called to action.

10.   While the Mech teams are being scrambled, Naota is aboard a hover platform, following his scanner. By a billion to one odds, there is a nearby gathering of unregistered actives and they’re actually nearby! Talking a mile a minute, Naota tells them all about his giant robots and how they can help save the earth. Everyone seals their new team with a high-five. Stanley stays behind in the park to look after Sophie, the little girl that Avinaaq rescued, but the rest of the group scrambles after the weird child prodigy.